This Happens when You Drink Pineapple Water

Pineapple water contains anti-inflammatory and cleansing properties that, when taken on an empty stomach, are much more effective as the stomach will better absorb the nutrients and you'll benefit from all its properties.

We’re all familiar with the impressive benefits of this delicious and healthy fruit. But if you’ve never tried pineapple water, then this article should interest you.

Rich in essential nutrients and without added sugar, pineapple water is a great way to stay hydrated, fight inflammation, stimulate and protect the liver, among other amazing benefits.

It’s easy to prepare and so delicious that you won’t be able to go without it once you’ve tried it. We encourage you to check it out.

Benefits of drinking pineapple water on an empty stomach

We’re always recommending different ways to cleanse the body and strengthen its defenses on our site:

• Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning.
• Eating a clove of garlic in the morning.
• Taking a tablespoon of olive oil with a few drops of lemon juice.
• Drinking a glass of water with a tablespoon of baking soda and a little lemon juice.
• Drinking a glass of water with honey on an empty stomach.

Well, there’s something we should make clear: each treatment will affect everyone differently. Not all bodies are the same and of course you have your own tastes to consider: this will offer you the best results.

Drinking pineapple water is a smart way to complement the two liters of water you should be drinking every day.

Being light, unsweetened, and without the slightly sour taste that’s usually associated with natural pineapple, it’s much more enjoyable and is easy on even the most delicate of stomachs.

Let’s take a look at how pineapple water can benefit your body.

1. It reduces inflammation

• As you already know, pineapple contains a really interesting enzyme called bromelain that fights inflammation by destroying the toxins that attack our tissues and cause pain, edema and fluid retention.
• If you drink pineapple water regularly, you’ll notice the results in your body. It’s really useful if, for example, you suffer from arthritis.
• You might ask yourself why we’re recommending pineapple water on an empty stomach. Well, we recommend that you start your day with a glass of pineapple water on an empty stomach so the stomach can better absorb nutrients.
• After eating, its purifying and anti-inflammatory action is impeded by other nutrients. So always drink a glass on an empty stomach.

2. It’s a great weight loss supplement

We should point out that pineapple water on its own will not make you shed pounds. You need to accompany it with a balanced diet and exercise.

Your body will experience the following benefits:

You’ll feel more satisfied.
Reduced cravings for sweets.
The thiamine in pineapple water will help increase your metabolism by converting carbohydrates into energy.
It will hydrate you.
It will provide you with micronutrients that water alone cannot. You should carry a small bottle of pineapple water in your purse.
You’ll avoid cramps and other problems associated with daily fatigue thanks to the potassium in pineapples. It’s really effective at maintaining the right balance of electrolytes in the body.
Remember to drink pineapple water on an empty stomach.

3. Good for your intestines and liver

• Bromelain is an enzyme found in pineapples that works as a catalyst in the liver, helping it to synthesize vitamins and proteins.
• Its beneficial enzymes and antioxidants will help you to cleanse your body of heavy metals.
• It will help you keep your intestines cleansed.
• Eating natural pineapple is recommended to avoid constipation.

4. Pineapple water is good for your thyroid gland

• Did you know that pineapple water contains iodine? It’s true. On top of that, the bromelain content will protect you from many autoimmune diseases, which is great for treating problems associated with the thyroid gland.

How do I make pineapple water?

Option 1


• ½ pineapple
• 1 liter water


• This way is quicker and simpler. All you have to do is peel half a pineapple and cut it into smaller pieces and add them to a pitcher with cold water.
• Let it soak overnight. The next day, remove the fruit (you can save it for later). You can drink it throughout the day, but always remember to drink the first glass on an empty stomach.

Option 2


• ½ a pineapple, with the rind intact
• 1 stick cinnamon
• 1 liter water


• Cut the pineapple in half and remove the rind, but do not discard it. We’re going to infuse it.
• Cut the pineapple into chunks.
• Now boil a liter of water and add the rind, the pineapple and the cinnamon stick.
• Let it boil for at least 20 minutes.
• Let the mixture rest for 15 minutes, then strain the water into a pitcher.
• Put the pitcher in the fridge and drink well chilled. You’ll notice how good you feel!