How To Naturally Cleanse Your Liver and Gall Bladder

Your liver works to keep you healthy and absorb all of the nutrients that your body needs in order to function correctly. However, lots of people nowadays practice certain habits, such as poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle, which can overwork their livers, causing this organ to fill up with toxins and waste, provoking other health problems that can have a significant negative impact on their quality of life.

Cleansing your liver and gall bladder is a deep purifying process that gets rid of toxins in the liver, bile secretions that have yet to be released, grit and gall bladder stones. This cleansing process is very easy, and the only thing you need is a bit of willpower to make this routine part of your daily life.

How can you cleanse your liver and gall bladder?

To begin, you should take one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil, mixed with one teaspoon of lemon juice, on an empty stomach. The combination of these two substances will stimulate the gall bladder, helping it to get rid of any waste that has accumulated in that organ.

This treatment should be performed on an empty stomach every day for an entire month. Ideally, you should wait at least 15 minutes before eating breakfast, although it would be best to wait about 40 to 60 minutes before having the first meal of the day.

While performing this cleanse of the liver and gall bladder, you should definitely keep in mind the fact that you may experience some of the symptoms of detoxification, such as diarrhea or abundant feces, gas, tiredness, lack of appetite, nausea, headaches, mucus, body odor, very dark or odorous urine, or breakouts on the skin, among others. These symptoms are a normal part of the process, because it involves eliminating toxins and other waste that have built up in your liver due to poor eating habits, medications, candies, fast food, fatty foods, alcohol, tobacco and other elements. However, these symptoms are usually only present in the first week of the purifying process, and not everyone will experience them.

To counteract these symptoms, if you face them during your treatment, we recommend drinking between two and four glasses of lemon water per day. Ideally, this water should be room temperature, because this will support your body as it eliminates the toxins.

To prepare this lemonade, you should use a high quality water, the juice of two lemons, and, if you like, you can even sweeten it with a bit of honey.

Other tips to cleanse your liver and gall bladder

When cleansing your liver and gall bladder, you absolutely must support this process with nutritional foods, including plenty of fruits and vegetables. You should also avoid eating foods that contain fat, chocolate, dairy, coffee, alcohol, butter and red meat, because these will keep you from being able to properly cleanse your liver.

Another option that you could consider for supporting the purifying process of your liver and gall bladder is to drink dandelion or wormwood teas.

Pure apple juice is another excellent option for cleansing your liver and gall bladder. If you choose to do this type of cleansing, make sure to drink one liter of apple juice on an empty stomach for two days. If you feel like having breakfast after drinking this juice, you should wait at least three hours before eating, and, preferably, you should stick to foods such as apples, grapes, papaya and cooked vegetable soup.

Super smoothie for cleansing your liver and gall bladder

This super drink combines the properties of apples and dandelion, and is sure to have a powerful cleansing effect on your liver and gall bladder. Dandelion helps the liver produces enzymes, and helps the gall bladder produce bile. This purifying smoothie is delicious and should be consumed on an empty stomach at any time of day.

Other benefits:

Protects and cleanses the liver.
It is a diuretic and helps combat water retention.
It helps to reduce abdominal swelling, as well as bloating during menstruation.
It is good for healthy skin.


One handful of fresh dandelion leaves.
4 apples.
2 small garlic cloves.
1 piece of fresh ginger.
1 small slice of onion.

How do I make it?

Prepare all of the above mentioned ingredients, mix them in a blender, and enjoy!