How to Clean Your Lungs Naturally

Here we’ll show you some simple ways to clean your lungs naturally and improve their overall functioning. Don’t miss out on this chance to improve your health!

Cleaning your lungs in a natural way is very easy. Before everything else, though, you should keep in mind that if you smoke, all of the tar from the cigarettes settles in your lungs, making it very difficult to take in oxygen to your cells and expel carbon dioxide.

Nevertheless, whether or not you’re a smoker, you can clean your lungs by following these simple, practical tips.

First of all, it’s important that your diet is rich in citrus fruits, since these fruits have a high vitamin C content, which can help you eliminate free radicals that can cause pulmonary congestion.

Other foods that can help you are alfalfa or wheat, and brewer’s yeast, because these foods are rich in vitamin E, which is one of the best nutrients to help your lungs fight against the air pollution found in large cities.

Seasonal changes

As we all know, autumn and winter are the two worst seasons for your lungs. Illnesses will multiply in number, and everybody can suffer from the most characteristic pulmonary problems: colds and the flu.

The flu is a viral infection caused by the RNA virus, of which there are many different strains, not all of which affect humans, as some affect animals too. Some strains of RNA are very serious, possibly even deadly. The flu affects people much worse in the winter because the virus is stronger in cold weather. At 32º F, the virus can survive for around a month, but at 100º F, the virus can’t survive for even a week.

The common cold (which is not as serious as the flu) is also a viral infection, caused by the rhinovirus. Because it is not as serious as the flu, you can find many medicines that are able to help the symptoms. However, preventing the cold is the best way to cure it (and it’s also much healthier and cheaper). So here we’ll give you some advice on how to clean your lungs in a natural way.

What’s so bad about phlegm?

If we talk about cleaning the lungs, of course we’re going to need to talk about phlegm. Phlegm secretions are always a sign of alarm for your lungs, because if you have phlegm, it’s a sign that your lungs are more or less dirty.

The most common causes of phlegm are tobacco smoking and illness (normally flu, but potentially also the common cold). Phlegm can cause irritation and obstruction of lung capacity, and so you should always try to eliminate it if you have it.

How can I get rid of phlegm?

The best way to rid your lungs of phlegm (and also prevent it) is to consume an abundant amount of liquids. It’s recommend that you drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, or about two liters, approximately.

Another natural cure, which is quite strong, are vapor inhalations with essential oils of rosemary, menthol, or eucalyptus. For these, we recommend that you use water vapor, preferably from a humidifier (to which you can add three drops of whichever of the essential oils that we’ve recommended), or, if you don’t have a humidifier, you can boil some water and then add three drops of your essential oil once the water is bubbling. Take it off the heat afterwards and breathe in the steam. If you have a tube, you can cover the pot and then use the tube to breathe in to get a more concentrated vapor.

We are certain that with these simple tips, you can make it a part of your routine to clean your lungs naturally, improve your lung capacity and avoid the flu virus and other respiratory problems.