6 Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

One of the most common tips for putting on makeup is to highlight just one area of your face. If you want your eyes to be noticed then remember not to highlight the lips too much.

Fatigue, dark circles under your eyes or even those wrinkles around the edges of your eyes are undoubtedly the greatest enemies to having attractive looking eyes each day. If we also have small eyes, these factors take away even from the beauty of our image.

What can we do? You can use simple makeup tips and natural remedies to make your eyes look bigger. In addition, we will teach you how to care for this part of your face so that your appearance is much healthier. Do you want to take note?

Home remedies to correct dark circles

The skin we have under the eyes is very thin and delicate. When we don’t sleep well, when we are tired or when we have some kind of health problem, there is an accumulation of water, toxins and fat that shows up. It’s very annoying to get up in the morning and see these dark or purple circles that are so difficult to correct.

Many women turn to makeup. Is this a good idea? It is a good resource, but is not the solution. It is always better to turn first to a home remedy. In this way we avoid the sometimes excessive “accumulation” of makeup. Here are a few natural remedies you can use to make your eyes look bigger:

1. Cold Spoon Remedy and Chamomile Treatment

It’s very easy. When you wake up and discover those pesky dark circles in the mirror, take two small teaspoons and put them in the freezer. Meanwhile go and prepare an infusion of chamomile: 150 ml (5 ounces) of water and 2 bags of chamomile. When it begins to boil, turn off the heat and let it sit.

Next step? When 15 minutes have passed, take those spoons that you left in the freezer and put them over your dark circles for at least 30 seconds. Now remove them and apply a cotton ball soaked with the chamomile tea under your eyes. It’s very simple: it is simply a treatment of alternating the cold spoon with the chamomile treatment. This hot-cold remedy will reactivate the circulation and relieve the swelling under your eyes. It is very effective.

2. Define your eyebrows

To have larger-looking eyes you also need to care for the shape of your eyebrows. These are what frame our eyes and which can give us a very striking and elegant appearance. As you already know, currently it is fashionable to have rather thick eyebrows, but this does not mean that we will neglect them.

3. The importance of eye shadow

Look at the picture above. They have used between 2 and 3 different shades to make the eyes look bigger. The secret of this beautiful effect is to use light colors in the area extending under the eyebrow. A nude color, for example, is very flattering, as it provides scope to this area and to the whole look.

Afterward we use a slightly darker shade in the outer corner of the eye, outlining in an upward direction, just as you see in the image. In the area of the eyelid we also opt for a clear eyeshadow but with some shine. This will bring light to your look.

4. White eye liner for the inner eye

It never fails. Using a white pencil to outline the inner eye line is the best trick that you can use in your daily routine to obtain larger-looking eyes. It provides a very attractive and appealing finale, no matter whether your makeup is for the day or the night. Make sure this white eye liner is never missing from your makeup kit!

5. Obtaining longer and thicker eyelashes

Longer and thicker eyelashes can also help make our eyes look bigger. How do you do it? By applying suitable makeup and using some simple home tricks. Take note:

Treatment with castor oil

Each night you should apply this simple castor oil herbal remedy. Take a cotton ball and dribble two drops of castor oil on it and then moisten your eyelashes with it by doing a little massage. If you wish, you can combine it with olive oil or almond oil, which also provide good results. It promotes their growth and provides adequate care for your lashes.

Makeup tips for thicker eyelashes

Mascara is essential to make your eyes look bigger. Always apply it in an upward form starting from the root and trying to separate each lash well. Once you have applied a thin coating, sprinkle them carefully with a little talcum powder. This trick will provide your eyelashes with more vigor, beauty and thickness. Afterward, apply a second coat of mascara.

Next step? The black eyeliner. Remember that it is always better to use a liquid eyeliner instead of a pencil. When you are ready to apply it, do the following: draw a slightly thicker line at the bottom of the eyelid and end with a thinner line to elongate in the corners of the eyes. You will get an alluring and magnificent result.

6. Subtle lips that enhance your look

To conclude: Always remember that to make your eyes appear more attractive you must keep the lipstick subtle and discreet. In this way the attention will go to your eyes. Choose a soft tone — a pink or nude tone. They provide an attractive finish and will thereby also make your eyes look bigger.