11 Clever Ways to Reuse Teabags

Most people throw their teabags out after using it. What many people don’t know is that teabags have more than one use besides making one of your favorite drinks. They can be reused for many purposes as they still contain some properties that can be useful around the house. Want to learn how you can reuse teabags? Keep reading.

Reuse teabags for cleaning

Clean carpets

For clean, dirt-free carpets, lightly dry a few teabags then sprinkle their contents on the carpet. Let the tea dry on the carpet then vacuum.

Clean glass

To clean glass surfaces like windows, mirrors or cups, place a few used teabags in warm water then pour the contents into a spray bottle. Spray surfaces with this liquid, then dry with a clean cloth.

Polish wood

You may not believe it, but the contents of used teabags make an excellent furniture and floor polish. Simply sprinkle the contents of a used teabag on the surface you wants to polish, then rub with a dry cloth.


Tea has the power to remove the grease from dirty dishes and also makes a great deodorizer to eliminate bad odors. Quit using aggressive chemical products and start using tea bags to clean your dirty dishes. Just fill the sink with hot water and a few used teabags. Then, soak the dirty dishes to remove grease. This trick is also great for cleaning drains.

Say goodbye to bad odors

Neutralize bad odors

There are many different areas in the home where bad odors can concentrate. Here are a few tips:

• Mix the contents of used teabags into cat litter.
• Place a few teabags in the fridge to neutralize bad odors.
• Prevent odors in the trash can by putting a few used teabags inside.
• Let some used teabags dry, then place them inside shoes to prevent and neutralize bad odors.

Homemade air freshener

Teabags are also good for gently perfuming areas of the home like closets, rooms, and even the kitchen. Simply place a few in an inconspicuous location.
Remove bad odors from the hands

Chopping onions and garlic or handling fish can leave unpleasant odors on your hands, but they can be easily removed with teabags. Just rub your hands with the contents and rinse.

In the garden

Prevent mold

If you want to prevent mold from forming on your plants, soak some used teabags in warm water and wait for the water to darken like tea. Then, spray the liquid on your plants or use it to water them.
Fertilize the soil

Teabags are ideal for naturally fertilizing the soil. Sprinkle the contents of a few teabags on the ground where you grow plants.

Homemade compost

You can use teabags in homemade compost. Just be sure to remove the metal staple they usually contain.

Repel insects and rodents

Teabags can help repel the insects and rodents that often invade your garden. They can also be used in other areas of the home to repel ants, spiders, and rodents. If you want a more effective solution, combine them with mint essential oil.

Do you know what you could use teabags for? Never throw them away and take advantage of all their uses around the home. You can store them in the refrigerator for later use. However, if you feel the bags are starting to smell bad, it’s better to throw them out.